World cup innovation

Posted on 18th June 2014

At this year’s 2014 FIFA World Cup™ there will be two new major innovations: goal line technology and a new ‘magic spray’ to prevent free kick encroachment. Whilst much has been written of goal line technology over the past few years, the ‘vanishing spray’ has snuck under the radar. The purpose of the spray is to leave a temporary marker on the pitch to prevent players moving forwards before the ball is active, and is designed to disappear after 60 seconds, leaving no long term marking on the pitch. The spray is a water based substance and can be distributed from an aerosol can.

This is a great example of continuous innovation and large companies looking at exciting startups and entrepreneurs to improve their product. The spray – known as 915, was developed by Argentinian entrepreneur Pablo Silva and Fifa were able to recognise the value this start-up technology could add to its well established product and were able to integrate it. This is something we feel very passionate about at innoVentures – finding new ideas to support our company.