The B2C and B2B Models in 2020

Posted on 29th May 2012

Castrol innoVentures hosted the‘Expanding the Frontiers’ Insight Workshop in Singapore 14-16th of May. It explored future paths to consumers and customers, business models, supply chain, and what dynamics will influence them.

In order to achieve this we brought together many different people with a wide variety of experience, ideas and insights. The group came from both from within our Castrol business, and also from leading edge external organizations in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Google, 3M, DuPont, SAP, FedEx, Amway, Hyundai and PT XL Axiata

The group used the following three areas to generate insights; B2C Dynamics, B2B Dynamics, and the Impact of Technology, and here’s a short, executive summary of the early findings;

  • More aspirational, demanding, and discerning consumers get personalized attention – they have multiple aspiration and poverty lines, with technology tools to compete and compare; feel rich or poor depending on self-defined aspiration benchmarks
  • High demand for customization, especially with younger consumers who have a desire to stand out, and greater ability to compare and contrast products and services
  • Consumers will value face to face relationships even more in the future; it will be important in cultivating loyalty –less likely to switch if they have a face to face relationship
  • Concern about privacy is higher in developed regions, while consumers want to express their status in emerging markets; however, security is still important everywhere
  • B2B sees a shift from product push to more solutions oriented collaborative partnering
  • Rise of orchestrators: Change from managing immediate suppliers to managing the entire network
  • Growth in “own nothing, orchestrate everything” models
  • Increasing application development targeting the mobile environment first, not desktops
  • New class of devices and applications such as memristors with similar physical behavior as synapses in the brain enable brain emulation scale hardware by 2020 / 2025

We are now looking forward to the 2nd insights workshop in NYC on the 26-28th of June, where focus will be on the B2C model and Supply Chain implications.

The consolidated insights from both events will help understanding different models for commercialization of other 20/20 projects, as well as drive innovation in our Business Model in the shape of a small number of individual projects.